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Welcome to the ultimate Japanese experience

Catering to the connoisseurs with a Sushi bar and Teppanyaki. Japanese cuisine is cooked, served and presented in an artistic, unique style, which gives the customer a wide choice of traditional dishes to choose from.


Eating Japanese is not only a gastronomic experience, but it is also pure theatre!


Japanese Cuisine

If you have never eaten Japanese food before, your host will explain everything you need to know whether choosing your meal or correctly using your chopsticks.

So open your mind to the mysteries of Japanese cuisine and enjoy the experience.


Conveyor Sushi Bar

There is a 'conveyor sushi bar' offering you the best sushi in town. The noodle bar will tempt you with a wide variety of delicious noodles and the teppan-yaki tables will cater for the connoisseurs where you will see your meal being cooked before your eyes.

Sushi Buffet Prices:

Lunch (12-5pm) £14.95

Dinner (6-10pm) £16.95

Please note that a 10% service charge will be added to your bill.



Open your mind to the mysteries of Teppan-yaki, meaning "cooking on a hot plate". Let our highly skilled chefs prepare and demonstrate the art of Japanese cooking, where you will see your meal being cooked before your very eyes!

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